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Water Nypmhs by Mad-computer-user
Mature content
Water Nypmhs :iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 5 1
Castle In The Clouds by Mad-computer-user Castle In The Clouds :iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 9 7
Quick Draft
In the year 2015 a new United States military force was created as a measure to prevent a growing third world war threat, and an escalating chance of major terrorism attacks on the US. Out of each of the following field, three people at the top of each were selected. The fields are; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; History plus 10 people were selected from the other US military branches. This created a team of 25 people from all backgrounds and with a wide variety of knowledge making for a lethal special forces.
This special forces team was named Special Elite Forces, or SEF. When this team of 25 members were all called together into one place and briefed on their knew job, the Commanding Officer Major John Littleman gave them the follow speech:
"You have all been chosen to become members of a new, top secret military force. This new branch of the American military is called Special Elite Forces, or SEF for short. You have each been picked for your individual talents, because
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Ghostly Daughter by Mad-computer-user Ghostly Daughter :iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 2 0 untitled2 by Mad-computer-user untitled2 :iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 0 0
Battle At Hells Gate
Two knights stood facing each other on the brink of hell, both so similar, but yet, so different. One a knight of heaven, the other a knight of hell. They waited, facing each other, both not wanting to make the first move, both wanting it to end. Finally, the knight of heaven, The Paladin, made a move. Charging at the Dark One, he feinted left then quickly swung his sword round to the right where the Dark One blocked with his shield, and stabbed at The Paladin’s abdomen. The Paladin twisted his body around to dodge the stab, and swung his sharp edged shield at the Dark One’s neck who blocked the attack with his own shield, he then shoved his shield down with all his strength which in doing so caused The Paladin to drop his shield. They once more stood facing each other, waiting, just waiting for the other to move, make that opening.
The Dark One moved slightly and The Paladin took a chance, and got right under the Dark One’s defense, both shield and sword, driving his sw
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Vergundia Amulet
Once, long ago, Warriors, Rangers and Wizards stood side by side fighting for the same cause. Then all that changed.
It is amazing that something as small as the Vergundian Amulet could divide such close friends, but it did. Now they fight each other, their leaders ordering bloody wars just to eliminate the other classes so they themselves can gain the power of the Vergundian Amulet. Created long ago by the greatest of their classes the Vergundian Amulet has the power of the Wizards, the Rangers and the Warriors, and so the power to control the entire world of Vergundia. Once it was made and the leaders removed their weapons they each glanced at the others, who was going to take it. Eebleone, the great ranger, was first to act, as fast as the eye can blink she drew, nocked and fired an arrow straight into the chest of Gydra, the master Wizard, who just passed his hand over the arrow and healed the wound. Gydra then shot a bolt of light into Sedrio and Eebleone, while they recovered fro
:iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 0 7
A History of Asodon
       A history of Asodon
As told by King Hammersher

Years 0-300
It started with Hellartra, and will no doubt end with Hellartra to. I guess I should start by telling who Hellartra is, she is lord of life and creation, but also of death and destruction, Hellartra is lord of all. She created everything on Asodon, from the tiniest grain of sand on the Western Seas Great Beach, to the tallest mountain of the Misty Range in the Far East. All of it her creation, all of it her work. I believe that it will end by Hellartra’s hand as well, Asodon will burn, as fire burns, as Hellartra herself burns. In Hellartra’s eyes, the world was perfect, nothing was wrong, but as time past she grew lonely. Hellartra created company for herself, in the form of Creatures. Two creatures, two pets, a Hentra, and a Slevna. But two wasn't enough, Hellartra needed more, so she created more pets, four more Hentras and four more Slevnas.
100 years passed
:iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 1 2
Sun by Mad-computer-user Sun :iconmad-computer-user:Mad-computer-user 1 4

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New Zealand
Current Residence: Wellington New Zealand
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite style of art: strange and dark
Personal Quote: If you can imagine it, you can create it - If you can dream it, you can become it
so bored, life sucks, the end.

i could go on for so much longer but i cant be bothered, i mean really, all iv done since i last updated was lounge around feeling sorry for my self, game, start and not finish tonnes of projects, try and convince my self to ask a girl out, and yet nothings come of any of that.

Its just been tedious nothingness, followed by a little bit of extreme annoyance followed by excessive boredom, now repeat that over and over.

But on a good note iv found am way to earn some cash :)

now its really the end, and that was a bit longer than id hoped for but wth



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